A solution that provides on-going training for auditors through an easy-access learning management system

My Education Companion (MEC) is an arm of the My Companion Pte Ltd group of service providers that was created to fulfil the need for on-the-go training for auditors.

MEC is an online training platform made for auditors by auditors. It encompasses the technical and soft skills aspect of training for professional auditors from basic to advanced level.

MEC aims to give a holistic training system for auditors to use on-the-go, in order for them to take their development and training into their own hands and become value creators that are assets to the firms they work for.

Train And Upskill Your Whole Audit Firm

Get Certifications & CPD Hours

Fulfil And Comply With Mandatory Training Requirements

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Get Reminders On Certification Expiry And Regulatory Updates

Workplace culture has been dramatically changing over the years, but one thing has remained constant: The need for continuous learning.

Auditors that have been equipped with both technical and soft skills are more able to address and adapt to challenges associated with massive change.

My Education Companion empowers organizations and individuals to develop themselves through digital learning.

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