Most companies start off with a dream of one day becoming successful. Some have dreams of listing on the exchange and others want to grow to be a multinational corporation. Whatever the aspirations, in this economic climate, not many achieve their dreams, either experiencing stagnant growths, under performance or business failure altogether. Seeking early advice is a first step in maintaining the sustainability of your business.

Our Management Consultancy Services include:

Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”)
ERM is an essential component of an entity’s corporate governance. It is a systematic process whereby an organisation identifies the risks it faces, reviews its work processes, and implements checks, in order to avoid, minimise and/or eliminate risk factors, prevalent in the organisation. As your ERM consultant, we will ensure your organisation is ERM-trained and reliable.

Financial and Operations Review
We conduct financial and operations review on your business with the sole aim to identify opportunities for improved performance, efficiency and effectiveness. This may be an entire business review or specifically targeted to tackle a single area of the business, such as working capital needs, profit improvement or operational efficiency.

Business Planning
The purposes of business planning are varied, but we help you materialize your strategies, expansion and future plans, translating these into financial figures, to enable effective appraisal. We also help businesses in the start-up process to address key issues to commence operations smoothly.

Joint Ventures
We provide guidance on negotiation on your joint venture transactions. With our global network, you can be assured of your strategic expansion needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
Merging, buying or selling a business is not an easy process and we understand the emotional investment, financial risks and unexpected issues involved. By managing the M&A process for you, we save you time, which would otherwise impede the running of your normal business operations. Our commitment to you is to close a transaction optimizing your financial goals and ensuring a smooth transition.

Private Equity
With our local and global network, we help put you in touch with suitable private equity investors for your funding and expansion needs.

IPO Advisory
For companies with the intention to list on the Singapore Exchange, we can assist you in planning and preparing for this exciting milestone. Our scope of work includes preparation of your prospectus and board memorandum, advising on key issues and coordinating work with other professional advisors, such as the merchant bankers, solicitors and public relations firms.

We conduct corporate restructuring for companies who may want to consolidate their operations in accordance with their business strategies and future plans. We also advise on internal restructuring to improve efficiency and control.

We conduct valuation on your business for the purposes of mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and fund raising.

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