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New start-ups or Companies wishing to concentrate on their core business can outsource their financial and accounting function to us. Our services are popular with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) because we bring greater depth to what is commonly known as general accounting. We will identify your management information needs and we go beyond the basic by customizing the management report format according to your specifications.

Our professional accountants are well-equipped to deal with the mundane and routine, but necessary, duties for you, thus allowing you to spend your time on more pressing and strategic issues to help your business stays competitive. Leave the general accounting to us, you just concentrate on growing your business.

Our services are targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and new start-ups that may not have the technical expertise and knowledge. We provide analyses of the company’s performance as well as inform client of any compliant issues. For new start-up companies, we will assist to set up accounting systems, procedures and policies according to the company’s environment.

Our approach is to review and understand the document process flow and system. We will plan and schedule working towards meeting deadlines by adopting a systematic and cost effective process from data entry to the completion of accounts.

Our Accounting Services Include:

⦁    Assist to set up proper accounting systems, procedures and policies
⦁    Prepare payment vouchers, provision of cheque signatory, banking of cheques
⦁    Prepare financial reports and schedules including:
i.    Statement of the Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
ii.    Statement of Comprehensive Income (Income Statement)
iii.    Trial Balance
iv.    Bank Reconciliation
v.    Fixed Assets Schedule
vi.    Debtor Ageing List
vii.    Creditor Ageing List
⦁    Prepare cash flow projections
⦁    Clear backlog accounts or “messy” accounts
⦁    Reconstruct accounts from incomplete records
⦁    Take over accounting function on temporary basis (when a company is understaffed or in the process of restructuring)
⦁    Goods and Services Tax (GST) reporting and filing

Our Payroll Services including:
⦁    Compute monthly salary and CPF
⦁    CPF submission
⦁    Prepare payslip for each employee
⦁    Claims submission such as maternity, childcare, national service
⦁    Prepare IR21 for foreign employees when they cease employment 
⦁    Prepare IR8A 

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